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Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser Review

Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser Review

“Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser and Refills create a relaxing atmosphere for great sleep!”

One of my favourite things about Yankee Candle and being a stockist is their constant updates and additions to their range. Without going too much into it, they offer a wide range of home fragrance solutions from candles and accessories to completely flameless options. Every year they add at least one or two new products to the collection and, as a testament to their research and quality standards, all of these new products are kept on year after year.

This year, one of the new arrivals is the Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser and Refills.

Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser

I couldn’t wait to try out this bad boy! I love anything to do with sleep quality – although I need no help to fall asleep. From lavender oil to Spacemasks and traditional eye-masks, I love the ritual of sleep.

What I did know about the Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser was that it is completely silent. This may seem obvious to a product used for sleep quality, but if you own a traditional Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser, you’ll know there’s a quiet buzzing from the motor/fan. Not any way loud that it would wake you, but still there.

The Sleep Diffuser comes in two colours – silver and bronze. You buy them in a Starter Kit which includes the diffuser itself and a Yankee Candle Refill Fragrance. There are currently three fragrances available – Calm Night, Peaceful Dreams and Starry Slumber.

I took the Bronze Starter Kit to try out as I wanted to use the Calm Night fragrance which comes in this kit. Calm Night fragrance notes include Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Coconut and Sage – very interesting!

So what’s in the box?

I personally like products that are simple to use with no small fiddly pieces falling around the place, so the Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser is ideal. With just the diffuser unit itself, a plug and a fragrance refill, the uncomplicated setup and use of this diffuser lends itself to the wind down before bedtime.

Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser Fragrance Refill Calm Night







How do I use it?

Video at the bottom of this post, but here’s a simple explanation:

As with any diffuser, make sure it’s switched off at the plug first while you set it up.

  • Remove the cover of the diffuser.
  • Grab your Fragrance Refill and unscrew the lid, then you simply push it up into the holder near the top of the diffuser.
  • Replace the cover.
  • Switch it on.

No water required – simple!

It’s important to note that this diffuser doesn’t release a constant mist, but uses intermittent puffs of mist to release fragrance. I definitely prefer this for a sleep diffuser, as a constant mist while I sleep doesn’t appeal to me – a personal preference!

You’ll see two white lights on the front of the unit – one is your timer function and the other is the intensity.

The timer controls how long you want the diffuser to operate and the options are 2, 4 and 8 hours. The intensity controls how often you want the diffuser to release a puff of fragrance and your options are every 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

Anything to note?

One thing to mention is to ensure that the fragrance bottle is pushed up properly into the holder (there are holder clips to guide you). The first time I placed in the fragrance bottle, I didn’t have it fully in place and the diffuser made a high-pitched noise instead of releasing a puff of fragrance. Just something to note if you run into this and think that the unit is malfunctioning!

My experience

Like I said, I used the Calm Night Fragrance Refill as I wanted to see what the unique mix of fragrances would be like – it’s gorgeous!

I chose 2 hours on the timer and 10 minutes for the frequency/intensity. My reason for this is that I have no trouble falling asleep, it’s staying asleep is my aim.

I do love that you can control the timer and frequency/intensity separately to tailor it to your sleep needs on any given night. The diffuser is silent only for the barely audible puff of fragrance released at the intervals mentioned.

So I was definitely over-tired going to sleep which can often mean that falling asleep and staying asleep is difficult. So how did I find the Sleep Diffuser?

I was only awake for one puff of fragrance. That means I was asleep in less than 10 minutes on a night that I would usually struggle with over-tiredness and slight headache. So far, so impressed.

I then woke around 5am wide-eyed and thought I’d never go back to sleep. So I turned on the Sleep Diffuser once again – 2 hours on the timer and a 10 minute frequency – and again only noticed one puff of fragrance.

This was the real test, as I do find it difficult to fall back asleep fully after waking in the early hours. I can honestly say this is the way forward for me, as I could often lay awake for an hour or so thinking about the next day or planning and end up with an eye ache for the day!

My room even has a lovely light essence of the Calm Night fragrance today, so it’s clear Yankee Candle’s unbeatable fragrance quality is not compromised in this new product.

Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser

Do I recommend the Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser?

Having tried this myself, I absolutely recommend this as a sleep quality aid. For me, its ability to help me fall back asleep so quickly is a game changer.

I also think this would be great to help you wind down after a day of working from home or home schooling. Maybe make it part of your evening routine? If you’re sitting down to watch TV, scroll Instagram or read a magazine, switch the Sleep Diffuser on and allow yourself to decompress.

For the full relaxing experience, remove the kids from the room and add a Spacemask!

Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser

Discover the Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser and Refills here

Sweet dreams!