Sleepy Seas Light & Sound Whale


This musical plush toy will help your babies drift off to sleep.

The whale is presented in an oh-so-soft light blue fabric, with blue ribbons for its hair, and dark embroidery creating a smiling face.

Press the left fin and the animated whale splashes into life. Press the musical note on its right fin and the plush starts to play one of five different noises: Ocean Magic, Soothing Ocean Whale Sounds, Brahms’ Lullaby, Bubbles or Ocean White Noise. The Sleepy Seas Sound & Light Whale will continue to play your chosen sound until manually pressed again to move through the different tunes. If not pressed to skip through to the next song, the Sleepy Seas Sound & Light Whale will automatically shut off after twenty minutes, and re-start at the last tune played when its right fin is next pushed.

This item is suitable from birth, surface washable and CE marked

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