That’ll Learn Ya! – Your Guide to Gooder Grammar


‘That’ll Learn Ya!’ is a handy guide to all things grammar, spelling and punctuation for adults. 

Sound like a nightmare? Good. 

Just kidding. This isn’t a typical schoolbook-style guide … It’s a bit of fun, with conversational language and pretty colours.

This little book brings together my love for typography, the English language and humour. 

It has a light-hearted approach, and makes an ideal present, coffee table book, or a soft-bound instrument to whack that special someone who says ‘would of’ instead of ‘would have’.

The back story that nobody asked for:

I wrote and designed this book for my Final Year Project (Visual Communications & Design) in college and had one hard copy printed in 2015 for presentation. 

A few years later, I decided to print more copies to sell in my shop. 

It’s finally now sitting pretty on my online shop, ready for you to buy! 

Happy learning!

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