Kotanical Kavauge Diffuser Luxe Blend


Kotanical Kavauge Diffuser Luxe Blend

The Kavauge diffuser luxe blend is composed of four aromatic essential oils with impressive properties. These include:


Spicy and citrusy, Mandarin oil boasts calming, stress-relieving properties to bring you relaxation and relief. With its sensual and soothing undertones, this romantic fragrance is an ideal bedroom fragrance.

Tonka Bean

With its warm, inviting fragrance, Tonka Bean oil has a caramel-like sweet aroma that encourages calm and relaxation, helping to promote restful sleep.


Calming and stress-relieving, bergamot oil has warm floral notes paired with fruity citrus to help you quieten your mind or begin your day with clarity.

Sri Lankan Sandalwood

With its classic, earthy and woody scent, Sri Lankan Sandalwood essential oil reduces anxiety and helps to promote relaxation when used in a diffuser.

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