Kotanical Voak Diffuser Luxe Blend


Kotanical Voak Diffuser Luxe Blend

The Voak diffuser luxe blend is composed of three aromatic essential oils with impressive properties. These include:


Thanks to its interesting and complex scent, Oud has a raw, earthy and distinct aroma which is sharp, but sweet and most associated with Armani fragrances.

Derived from Agarwood tree resin, Oud has been used traditionally in incense for centuries thanks to its effectiveness in promoting tranquillity, peace and restful sleep.


Vanilla’s familiar sweet and pleasant fragrance can promote restful sleep as well as a sense of well-being when sprayed in any space.


Used for more than a thousand years to promote relaxation and induce meditative states, musk has a strong and pleasant fragrance which permeates any space with calming properties.

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